Mission Statement: Rosario Youth Centre aims to assist its members in becoming the best they can be, by creating opportunities for all young people to learn and develop their own skills, qualities and social relationships at a pace that suits their needs and abilities within a safe and inclusive environment.

Rosario Youth Centre is a full-time voluntary youth centre which provides a wide and varied range of social and educational activities and programmes for those aged 9-18 that reflect the curriculum as set down by the Department of Education for youth work practise.

Rosario Youth Centre has been in operation since 1978. The centre is overseen by a voluntary management committee made up of local people who have a vested interest in the social and personal development of young people and the necessary skills to undertake such roles.

Rosario Youth Centre aims to foster and harness the personal, social, emotional, physical, cultural and political development of its members through engagement in a range of activities, events, programmes and projects which endeavour to be both stimulating and challenging.

Rosario Youth Centre aims to broaden the horizons and life expectations of our children and young people and assist them in reaching their full potential as active citizens in their community.

The staff team, with the support and encouragement of the management committee, work tirelessly to meet the ever-changing needs of the children and young people and to be responsive and pro-active to the changing dynamics within the wider community; working to challenge and redress inadequacies, vulnerability, and tensions, and to ensure that our children and young people are prepared and are an intrinsic part of a changing and developing community and society in which they live.

The Youth Centre’s activities reflect the core principals of acceptance and understanding of others, testing values and beliefs, and participation.

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