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What do young people say?

Mentoring is a service that we offer to young people at the Youth Centre.

Mentoring is a person-centred relationship between a qualified staff member and a young person. In all cases, the young person can choose which staff member they wish to be their mentor.

Ways that young people use mentoring:


Giving you the space to talk about all aspects of your life, from family, school, friends and yourself, helping you to explore your identity to find out who you are and what your values are.


Discussing all your available options and allowing you to make your own decisions. We never make decisions for you; we want you to explore all your options and choose what you think is best.

•Direction/Goal Setting

Giving you the opportunity to talk about your hopes for your future and helping to set goals and achieve them! We want to help you make your dreams a reality, so mentoring can be used as a time to research your path to your dreams.


Mentoring can be used as a way for you to learn something new or train in specific areas of interest. The staff at Rosario have a range of knowledge in all different areas that we help you learn from, and if it’s something we aren’t sure on we can find people who can help you achieve your training needs.


We all need a push sometimes. At Rosario, we want to see our young people succeed and feel accomplished and happy in life! We aim to be there as much as we can for you on your journey through life.

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